Amy’s Baby Shower

March 10, 2010

this weekend i had my first gig as a cupcake provider! i am certainly not a baker, as i used a box recipe. i was going to make some home-made chocolate buttercream frosting, but i ran out of time and patience, so i used store-bought frosting too. BUT i made all my cupcake toppers by hand, which is why i ran out of time and could not make icing.

the theme of the baby shower was ‘boy or girl?’, because my friend amy is crazy and does not want to know the sex of the baby. (crazy!) the shower was thrown by kim and bre, one of my wonderful mothers-in-law, and sister-in-law (also one of many!). they did a great job, planning just the right number of games, having a great array of foods, and just making amy feel special and wonderful- cause that’s what she is!

good luck to rob and amy, who are expecting their first bundle of miraculous joy some time in april!

here’s amy with her cupcakes:

a picture of all the cupcakes. i accidentally put the girls’ cupcakes on the blue side, and the boys’ ones on the pink side. didn’t notice til i looked at this pic today. oops! will pay attention to all details in the future…:

‘girl?’ on a daisy. just discovered i love fondant flowers. could have shown up better had the icing been chocolate as i originally planned. :

some girly trinkets- ballet slippers, tiara and wand, tea party, on top row. bottom row of cupcakes was the same for the boy’s side and the girl’s side- blocks, baby items, teddy bear.:

some manly things- cars, rugby ball anbd jersey (cause rob loves rugby), and other baby items in blue:

baby rob sitting on a canadian flag (cause rob is canadian. and that’s awesome.) there was a baby amy sitting on an american flag, but someone ate that before i could take a pic. oh well:


Amy’s Baby Shower


  1. erindezago says:

    jihae these are amazing! you are so stinkin talented!!

  2. Shannon says:

    So cute!!! I love how creative you are! I hope there's a time in my life where you have to (and by "have to" I mean are gracious enough to) make me cupcakes. 🙂

  3. SaM says:

    ok- you are so making my cupcakes for my seventeenth birthday 🙂 or graduation.. or something 🙂

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