all i need and want

December 30, 2009

here are two pics from yesterday. i cannot even believe they are my off spring! especially topher. he does not look even remotely asian to me. anyhoo, in his pic is sporting his new phoenix suns sweatshirt that he got from jeehon imo, and holding a nerf basketball that has a few bite marks in it, that chris got for him. (and he is wearing one of my hats that almost fits him!) topher is all about basketball right now,especially the two that he is holding in this picture. he wants to bring them everywhere. they have to be in his crib when he goes to sleep. he throws them in his crib, and then tries to climb in after them. it has made putting him to bed a dream. i told chris the other day that topher could not wait to get into bed to play with his balls. chris said that was not something a mother should report happily about her son. whatev. but chris is SO HAPPY to see his little boy, his name sake, loving basketball. though not necessary, it’s a nice bonus.

the other pic is of lily strutting her stuff. her aunt lindsay got her the tutu and the matching explosion of tulle and flowers on her head. you could call it a headband, but it’s just so much more than that. lily LOVES this present. when she sees it, she says “princess?” and puts it on and twirls and poses and laughs till she’s about to throw up. it’s ridiculously adorable. she then says “cheese?” as in “get off your lazy butt, find the camera, and start capturing the wonderment of these moments woman!” and then she poses more. here she is wearing my sunglasses and holding the phone. a real woman about town. yes i complain about my lils. a lot. she drives me crazy! i don’t know why she still wants to sleep in our bed. and i don’t know why she won’t just pee on the potty. BUT she clearly has a mind of her own, complete with attitude, charm, heart, and personality. if you ask any parent what they want for their child, the number one answer is good health. especially if that parent has a sick child, or knows a child that is sick. everything else is gravy. lily is made of gravy.

today was a funny day. topher came up to me and made me crouch down next to him. he looked at me. reached for my glasses. took them off. put them on the floor. and walked away. i think he was telling me i look like an ugly nerd. then lily did her usual thing of being an almost-3-year-old which is cute and trying. she is always quick to say ‘sorry mom!’ if she does something that she knows is not allowed. if i make a noise like i am actually vexed though, she is quiet for a second and asks: “are you happy mom?” it kinda breaks my heart. she doesn’t want to make me sad. i just love love love my kids.

anyhoo, back to my day. december has kicked our finances in the behind. we a little bit over spent. oopsee. i saw our bank statement yesterday and noticed that there was probably just enough to cover our first of the month bills. just enough, if not a little shy of the mark. this is never a good feeling. and chris had just gotten paid. and we hadn’t even tithed yet cause i forgot our check book on sunday. and then another thing came up that chris and i had promised we would give to. so we swallowed our common sense and gave. and you know what? God gave back! big times. we got a check that we have been waiting MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS for! and God conveniently waited for TODAY to give it to us! not before we gave back to Him, when it would have been easy to give. but just a few seconds after.

God has given us SO MUCH. He gave us his Son to die for us. I say it often, but that’s just to keep reminding myself that that’s all that matters. and yet He keeps on giving. so lavishly. so excessively. and His timing is of course- impeccable. i am amazed when God gives me the things that i need. and some of those things are things i didn’t even know i wanted in the first place. but now that i’ve got em, i need em! i just love love love my God.


all i need and want


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