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Fostering Voices

Fostering Voices

We are Chris and Jihae and we have been hosting this podcast for 5 glorious seasons, and counting! 

Foster care has been a part of our lives for the last 6 years when we finally became aware that it's a major issue in Arizona, and in this country. We took one small step. And then another. And then another.

We have officially fostered 7 beautiful children, and provided respite for many more. But foster care isn't about the numbers. For us, foster care is about providing a safe and loving home to children who need it. For however long they need it.

We truly believe that everyone can, and should play a role in supporting the kids in care. Whether it's by becoming a foster parent, adopting children, working in the system, mentoring, supporting foster families, and even more!

we are the family that jesus,
foster care, and adoption, created

We're the Watsons.

Lily and Topher are 1 year, 1 week, and 1 day apart. Those first years were SO HARD! Lots of tears were shed. Mostly from Jihae.
We thought we were all done with having kids after that. But fortunately - we aren't quitters! So we added our sweet Mia to the gang.
And then we found out there was a foster care crisis in Arizona. So we became a foster family, and then we were able to adopt our sweet Wesley boy. And then our adult daughter Cate came to live with us, and officially became a part of our family. After adopting her, Jessica and Gracie (through foster care), we are officially a happy family of 9!

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Eating: Food from every nation, especially rice! Also - ice cream.
Drinking: Decaf coffee, bubble tea, caffeine free Diet Coke.
Shopping: Kind of gifted at it, not to brag. But if it's not on sale, I'm not interested.


Jesus. Cause he just got it right all the time. And He helps me to actually love all these kids the way that they deserve to be loved. And also Kevin Hart and the Rock. Cause they're better together. They are the poster children for community.

currently inspired by

Back in 2015, I won a contest on Instagram and I got to go to New York for Fashion Week! I went to a runway show by Marissa Webb, and I went on a shopping spree at Banana Republic, and became friends with Wendy, of Wendy's Lookbook! 

claim to fame

Community Development at Showit - the best website hosting company in the world. (Do I love superlatives. Yes. Is this a Showit site? Yes!) And when I'm not working, I'm driving our kids all over in our 15 passenger van, and making a million meals a week.

by day

Seoul will always have a special place in my heart - I was born there, and that's where I met Chris 22 years later.  And Toronto, where I grew up and lived for 21 years. Best city in the world!

favorite cities 

Chris loves people. Like, to a fault. If that's possible. He will pick people up off of the street and take them where they need to go. He volunteers at church. He loves the Cardinals even though they disappoint him year after year. That's grace and love in action, friends.


Anything that Patrick Lencioni and Jesus have to say about leadership. And also his backyard. It has to be better than his brother's - who happens to live next door. #watsoncompound.

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Chris has traveled a lot because of work. But he had a goal to travel to all 7 continents - and he has done that. And we have the pictures with penguins to prove it.

claim to fame

He has been faithfully serving his community for the last 15 years, and is now a Lieutenant with his police department. And when he isn't working, he is busy being the best husband, and dad in the world.

by day

Chris was born in Mesa, Arizona. Served in the Marine Corps in Monrovia, Liberia and Seoul, South Korea. He has also worked in Baghdad, Iraq. But cities he actually loves are anywhere in Arizona, and New York ('cause Broadway, baby!)

favorite cities 

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chris & jihae.
happily married for 14 years.
even after 7 kids.

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