ABC Gum + No Diapers + Buffet = Disaster Night

March 2, 2010

we are finally back from vegas! we had a great great great great time. except this one night when we went out to the buffet at mandalay bay…

from the title of my post, in case you don’t know, ABC Gum means: Already Been Chewed Gum.

gross. i know lily. anyway, we were sitting at our booth, which had a planter of fake plants in it right behind us. when lily had finished her meal, she was just playing around in the thing. she wasn’t really messing with any of the fake plants, just occassionally picking up a rock or something. i saw this blue rock she was holding and didn’t think too much of it. until we all had finished eating and realized the ‘rock’ was actually an old piece of gum, and she had stretxched it out, and tried to make a necklace out of it. which is how she got gum on her neck and in her hair:

no one was more amused than my bro-in-law, james. he took tons of pics. lily was not amused. especially when we tried to get the gum off of her skin. james googled it when we got home, and one website recommended we get a warm wash cloth and rub her neck, and to also chew another piece of gum and try to get the old gum to stick to the new gum. so i was a rubbing, chris was a chewing, lily was a screaming, and everyone was a laughing.

but that was the end of the meal. before the meal even began, i took lily to the bathroom cause she had to potty. good girl! (this was pre-gum fiasco.) topher was dead-asleep with chris and james, or so i thought. he hadn’t napped that day (or for the greater portion of our vegas week-and-a-half) so he passed out in the car on our way to the buffet. but when i got to our table, james showed me this beautiful picture:

sure it looks like a happy father and son hanging out together. only the son’s pants are wet with urine, which you can’t really see in the pic. and the dad’s pants are urine-stained too. which you CAN see in the pic.
being the mom of two nearly-potty-trained kids, my diaper bag is not very big these days. i carry around a spare Pull-Up, an empty plastic bag, and spare undies and pants for lily and topher.
but for some reason, i had used my new, little diaper bag to go out earlier that day, so i took all my kid-essential things out of the bag, and only had my wallet and camera. lotta good those things were going to do for me. jeehon, for some other odd reason, had no diaper bag with her. but she did have an extra diaper and set of clothes in her car. so james went out to their car to retrieve the very big items (Sungu, though only 9 months older than toph, wears lots of 3T and 4T stuff. toph still wear lots of 18-24month stuff) for his nephew.
though we had a really rough start and end to the night (oh yeah, sungu crapped his pants when we were leaving the restaurant, but he was wearing a diaper, only we had no more clean diapers to put on him.) the middle part was expensive, yet delicious.



ABC Gum + No Diapers + Buffet = Disaster Night


  1. You crack me up as usual. So sorry I have been so out of touch. Love catching up with you! Thinking of you…

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