80 and greaty

September 19, 2011

ok. that might be my worst title ever for a post. but this is a post to commemorate my fantastical grandmother who just turned 80! as most of you know, this grandmother of mine is actually chris’, but being the possessive person that i am, i have claimed his grandmother, as well as most of his family, as my own.

grandma, also known as GG (great grandma), and Jaye (lily’s middle name!) is truly one of the most incredible women i know. i love spending time with her because she is always full of great stories, encouragement, and wisdom. she gets this wisdom from being in the Word daily, and listening to sermons on her computer while playing solitaire (i think it’s solitaire she plays.) i really cannot believe how tech savvy this woman is for an 80 year old! she has a facebook account and everything! i am hoping to be half as sharp as she is when i am 80, though truth be told- it’s probably not going to happen, because at 30 i feel like i have already peaked and am on my way down!

one of grandma’s best qualities is her love for her husband. she and grandpa did our premarital counseling, and it was such a blessing because they have such a beautiful and healthy marriage for us to look up to. they continue to counsel us by giving us reading materials, and just checking up on us to see how we are doing. 6 years of follow-up! that’s premarital counseling at it’s best!

anyway, i just love love love my lovely grandmother and wanted to take this moment to wish her a happy birthday and to remind her that i love her and think the world of her. here’s to another wonderful 80 years grandma! (i raise my bowl of butter pecan ice cream up to you, another excellent thing that you have added to my life!) if anyone can live to be 160- it’s you Jaye Watson! i love you! happy birthday!



80 and greaty


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