48 hours on the nose

May 30, 2012

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. well, actually, i didn’t have any worst of times. my poor husband got robbed- by the casinos, but aparently that is not something you can report to the police, which ironically my husband is the police so…

anyhoo, chris and i left for vegas last friday evening with our wonderful friends christin and drew. i think we were on the road by 5pm and we made it to vegas by 10pm. the car ride was part of the relaxing vacation because there were no children with us! we got to our hotel- New York New York, and we started partying right away- even though the old people that live inside us all really wanted to go to sleep! we went to the casino and the fun started. i won $10 at the roulette table! chris won a bunch more, and then we split up. christin and i wanted to do just do stuff that we aren’t normally able to do as stay-at-home-moms to young kids. we had pizza at midnight, we saw go-go-dancers as we walked around the casino, and we went to bed at about 1am. crazy!

we woke up the next morning to the sound of drew’s phone going off. but i didn’t care, cause it wasn’t a child asking for milk (breast or cow), and it wasn’t 5:55am, which is what time topher had woken up at the day before out of excitement for going to hang out with his grandparents up north.

so our day started soon after drew’s phone call, and it was so great! we had coffee and donuts for breakfast, and then christin and i hit the outlet mall, and the boys hit the casinos, or the casinos hit the boys. the outlet mall was excellent! i don’t even remember the last time i went shopping without a stroller. we were at the mall for about 4 hours and i didn’t have to put anyone in time out or threaten or bribe anyone. it was so relaxing!

we got back to the hotel where the boys were waiting patiently for us, with open arms and empty wallets 😉 so we did tons of free stuff- hung out at the pool, walked along the strip, and drank free samples of tequilla. we had dinner, hung out, and slept- all great things!

here’s a picture of chris and me. note: christin is a VERY TALENTED hair dresser. she also happened to do my makeup and transformed me from regular-old-jihae to fancy-pants-vegas-jihae:

we left vegas the next day at about noon and we picked up our first kid at 5pm-  exactly 48 hours after we left for our little vacation. we were back rejuvenated, rested, and missing our crazy kids like crazy. i had a great time with my friends, and with my stud-muffin hubby, and my kids had a great time with all their grandparents (lily and topher hung out with wes and kim, while mia hung out with barb and jerry, and with my friend grace for a few hours on sunday- THANKS SO MUCH guys for watching our kids!). great time had by all= successful vacation. the only unsuccessful part of my vacation is my trying to upload pictures from my phone to this stinkin blogpost. oh well. you win some, you lose some- that is life in vegas.



48 hours on the nose


  1. Christin says:

    Ah what memories we made!! It was wonderful and I say we do it again! Except in Hawaii. 🙂

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