15 minutes

March 25, 2008

So my in-laws are here visiting for the week because Jerry, my wonderful step-father-in-law, has spring break. Jerry, and my beautiful and equally wonderful mother-in-law, are out on a walk with Lily. They went to get a paper from the gas station, which is about half a mile away. I figure I have fifteen solid minutes to write, so excuse me if this thing doesn’t quite flow, but I ‘wasted’ the first ten minutes they’ve been gone on updating my fantasy basketball line-up.

Lily turned one last week on Wednesday. How crazy is that? I was at work and visiting the potty for the umpteenth time that day, and I thought for a moment “before this day last year, I didn’t know who Lily was.” And I almost started to cry. I don’t cry much in general, so you can tell that I am really getting ready to have another baby soon. Anyway, we had a lovely birthday party for Lil with her closest uncles and aunts, and her Arizona grandparents. The cake-eating portion of the evening was definitely the best, only because Lily was so tentative about the whole thing. I truly expected her to smash her face into the piece, but instead she just dipped her fingers in the frosting and licked them, one by one, giggling all the while. She is so cute it makes me want to throw up. Man I love her!

To be completely fair, I went pee, and had started a new paragraph and then my fifteen minutes were up. But how glorious those fifteen minutes were! Now Lily is asleep, as are the in-laws, and Chris is on his way home from playing basketball with his buddies. I figure I have another 15 minute window…So I came home from work today to a brand new house. Kinda. My in-laws are crazy because they come out to Arizona from Oregon to see their kids, grandkids, and to either make things or fix things. these crazy people do not know how to sit still. Last time they were here they made up Gabe’s nursery, the time before that they totally redid my bathroom that got jacked up by clogged gutters and too much rain, and they did Lily’s nursery too. They are so amazing at everything they do. Anyhoo, we are trying to get ready to put our house on the market, but before we can do that we need to fix the things that need fixing. So there was a hole in our ceiling in the living from- you guessed it- rain, and there were holes in the walls in our dining room and master bathroom from our dogs. I use the past tense only because THERE ARE NO MORE HOLES! These crazy kids have been working on the house for two days and they are already done! Plus they fixed my shower, cleaned my bathroom, the kitchen, and not only filled the holes in the dining room, but they repainted the whole thing and scrubbed it down! INCREDIBLE! There was at least an inch of THICK dirt on everything in the dining room- cause it’s actually been the dining room slash dogs’ room. And our dogs are D-I-R-T-Y. Chris gave them a bath the other day, bless his heart, but it doesn’t matter. There is dirt in the backyard so there is dirt on them. But now the dogs are not allowed in the house, after my mother-in-law talked sense into her son, so the house should stay relatively clean. I would have been more embarrassed by all that my in-laws have done for me, and all the crap that they’ve seen and had to clean, but they just did such an incredible job with EVERYTHING that there is no room for embarrassment, just undying gratitude. I actually feel a little bit more prepared to have this baby now that the house is getting fixed up, and there isn’t as much dirt and dander on everything. Sure the child-to-be doesn’t have any real bedding yet, and his clothes aren’t set up in his drawers or anything yet, but the dining room looks great! And that makes me feel great.



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